Provision of Homeless Services BRIGHTON & HOVE CITY COUNCIL Tender Closes 26th July

Contracts Finder Notice: Provision of Homeless Services
The council is looking to procure three services over the next few months. The outline of these services is detailed below. At the present time buildings have not been identified for these services although the search for suitable premises is ongoing.
We would like to hear from you if you are interested in expressing an interest in one or more of these services. We would like to know;
• Which service/s you would be interested in delivering
• A brief overview of what you could deliver / suggestions for delivery
• Whether you have any premises available or any suggestions for premises. (You are welcome to express an interest in running a service even if you do not have a building available)
Brighton & Hove City Council is keen to work collaboratively with a service provider or providers to deliver these services within a short timeframe and to a good standard and we are flexible on the model and location of services.
Severe Weather Provision for Rough Sleepers (SWEP): SWEP provision opened on 38 nights in winter 2018/19 and provided 780 bedspaces for 193 people. The central venue accommodated up to 20 people per night.
The provider of the service would be required to monitor the weather in partnership with the local authority, manage the venues, staffing and the safety of service users and staff within those venues. The provider would open and manage SWEP when the trigger was met.
The current budget allocation for the provision of SWEP is £90,000.00 per year.

Nightshelter: The council is seeking a provider to undertake all responsibilities in relation to running and managing a service and supporting the residents. The provider would work closely with outreach services who would provide referrals and work jointly to develop sustainable onward accommodation options.
The budget for this service is £250,000.00 for 2019/20. A venue has not yet been identified

Supported Accommodation: Brighton & Hove City Council has allocated funding for two years for high levels of support in a congregate or dispersed accommodation service for homeless people. The service provider would be required to operate and manage a high quality service for homeless people with staff providing a high level of support and positive outcomes for service users.
Brighton & Hove City Council is open to discussions on the model, type of support and number of units for this service.
The budget for this service is £200,000.00 per annum for 2 years. No accommodation has been identified for this service.

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