Provision of Permit Scheme Performance, Fees and Change Management Service Supply Hertfordshire Tender Closes 8th February

The Permit Performance and Change Management Service consists primarily of the following objectives:

o Lead for the delivery of the Permit Scheme Performance Management framework;

o Collation, analysis and dissemination of Permit Scheme data and performance information;

o Lead for the Permit Scheme Financial Accounts including payment & reconciliation of fees and collation of Scheme operating costs;

o Lead for Confirm Street Works UAT and Super Group Representative for the Permit Scheme;

o Lead for liaison with Department for Transport for Permit Scheme related matters;

o Lead for Tableau Software used for Permit Scheme Performance and Financial Reporting;

o Responsible for the production of the annual Permit Scheme Evaluation Report(s);

o Identify issues and business change matters associated with adopting a lane rental scheme.

o Identify industry innovation and areas of improvement to the highway service. Providing scope for additional projects that the Council may choose to pursue if there is measurable benefit.

Hertfordshire County Council is currently at the forefront of industry change and has been since the development and successful implementation of a permit scheme in 2012.

The key objectives that this contract will deliver will ensure that the Council can maintain its position as an industry leader and be at the forefront of future developments.

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