Provision of Sales Management System to NHS South, Central and West (SCW) Tender Closes 22nd January

NHS South Central and West (SCW) is a leading provider of commissioning support services. We collaborate with customers and partners across the health and social care system to manage, analyse, and improve performance and enable our customers to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and populations. Our customers include NHS England, clinical commissioning groups, provider trusts, general practices, and numerous social care, community care, and voluntary sector organisations. We provide localised support across the south of England (covering 15,600 square miles and a population of almost 14 million people), as well as running national and regional development programmes.

SCW has a combination of skills and expertise which mean that we are very well placed to support health and care organisations and systems to address quality improvement. We provide extensive business intelligence and data management services, and strong experience in financial, activity and performance measurement and analytics.

This specification is for a system (referred to as a ‘Sales Management System’ or SMS) that will enable the efficient recording, tracking, managing and reporting of all new business opportunities for NHS South, Central and West CSU (SCW), from initial identification to point of sale and handover to SCW service delivery teams.

The objectives for implementing and using a SMS are:

• to improve organisation-wide visibility and control of our sales pipeline and ultimately to support improvements in win-rates and income growth;
• to streamline and automate existing (largely manual) opportunity / pipeline / sales management processes and generate efficiency savings;
• to enable the sales pipeline to interface effectively with inter-linked systems and processes (i.e. Finance, Business Planning, Resource Management, Contract Management) to improve business efficiency and performance and reduce the need for manual intervention.

To support swift implementation and long-term alignment, it is envisaged that this will be a stand-alone system that could integrate with, become part of, or be replaced by an end-to-end business management system in the future. It is therefore important to procure and implement a solution that has strong interface / interoperability options and is cost-effective in the short to medium term (i.e. avoiding substantial capital investment).

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