Public Conveniences Cleaning & Attendant Services Contract Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils Lewes District Council tender closes 18th October

Since May 2016, Lewes District Council (LDC) and Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) have joined forces to provide a Property & Facilities Shared Service (PFSS) where assets are utilised and managed jointly to create more effective and appropriate long-term benefits for the Councils and the communities they serve.

Both LDC & EBC own and operate a number of public conveniences within the two areas and are looking to procure a joint Public Conveniences Cleaning contract to continue and enhance the cleanliness of its public conveniences.

LDC and EBC invite expressions of interest from suitably experienced and qualified suppliers for its Public Conveniences Attendance and Cleaning Services contract. The contract is to be awarded at the beginning of February 2019 with a mobilisation period commencing from February 2019 to the contract start date of 1st April 2019 for the LDC public conveniences, with the EBC public conveniences commencing 1st April 2020.

The contract will run for three years with the options to extend by one year and then a further one year thereafter.

The purpose of the contract is:
• To provide for the supply and management of public conveniences cleaning services (attended & unattended) for Eastbourne Borough Council and (unattended) Lewes District Council;
• To provide all appropriate labour, consumables and materials for use in cleaning EBC & LDC public conveniences;
• To monitor performance to the contract and regularly report back to Council officers;
• To continuously improve the service provision through use of modern methods and materials.

Due to the associated services and in accordance with the EU Procurement Regulations 2006, this is a Part A Procurement, however the restricted procedure will be followed for the purpose of short-listing suitable suppliers to Invite to Tender through a Standard Selection Questionnaire (“SSQ”) stage.

Please note that the deadline for returning the completed SSQ’s is at 12:00 Thursday 18th October 2018. Any SSQ’s received after this time will be discarded.

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