Public Engagement Recruitment Care Quality Commission Tender Closes 10th October

We are looking to procure a Supplier with a proven track record to deliver targeted recruitment of individuals across England, that provides value for money.

The Supplier will have a specific skillset and an agile mechanism for recruiting individuals according to a brief from CQC, from a representative sample as well from specific communities to provide quality engagement with CQC, including people and community:

• Who have used a health care service in the past 6 months
• Who have accessibility needs.
• With experience of using adult social care.
• Who have experienced poor care
• Who are 65+ year olds
• With a long-term condition
• Learning disabled
• Gypsy and Traveller
• People made vulnerable by circumstance
• People who may not have a bank account
• Other seldom heard groups.
• Etc.

The supplier will be required to be responsive, flexible and agile to meeting the organisation’s need to recruit the right people at the right time and have multiple recruitment channels, including via local organisations and charities so that we can mitigate the risks of:

• Speaking to the same people for different pieces of engagement work
• Not being able to target specific groups
• Only engaging with people in one part of the community.
The CQC will engage by both digital and non-digital means with recruited individuals to provide insights that are valuable and take part in the coproduction and user research in relation to (but not limited to):
• CQC current and future regulatory model
• Developments and changes CQC are proposing to their policies, processes, strategies, practices, methods and products
• Specific health and social care topics, where they have direct experience, and/or they would be significantly impacted by it.
The Supplier will be responsible for the renumeration of individuals taking part in the engagement such as any incentives or involvement fees and expenses such as travel or subsistence costs.

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