Rapid evidence assessment and overview of groundwater flood risk management in England DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD & RURAL AFFAIRS Tender Closes 28th June

We require a rapid evidence assessment using the methodology developed by DEFRA/ NERC Joint Water Evidence Group (Collins et al., 2015) together with consultation with Risk Management Authorities to capture an overview of the current ways of working for groundwater flood risk management in England. This needs to cover topics of: 
1) Governance of groundwater flood risk management in England 
2) Recording groundwater flooding / access to historic records
3) Groundwater flood risk assessment (non-real time) 
4) Groundwater flood forecasting and warning (real-time)
5) Groundwater flood mitigation (risk reduction and resilience) 
The review will need to complete over 8 months where possible. The outcome will be a summary of the current situation that can be shared across Risk Management Authorities to share current knowledge and identify any knowledge gaps for future research / process development.

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