Re-painting of footbridge ASHFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL Tender Closes 29th November

Re-painting of footbridge over East Stour River on footpath between the International Station (domestic side) and Newtown Road, Ashford, Kent. The council wishes to procure a contractor to repaint a footbridge over the East Stour River. The footbridge is situated on a footpath between Ashford International Station (domestic side) and Newtown Road, Ashford, Kent.

In addition to the painting operation, the scope of the works will include the removal of the existing paint surface, surface cleaning and preparation of the structure for painting.

Additionally, the successful contractor will be required to ensure that no pollutants arising from the operations are allowed to contaminate the East Stour River, the surrounding land or become airborne for the duration of the works.

The successful contractor will also be required to liaise with the Environment Agency to obtain permits necessary for the intended methodology of works, for example, erection of a temporary structure over the River East Stour.

Additionally, liaison with Network Rail will be required due to the proximity of the rail network.

Location of the work area is given in this document. However, the successful contractor will be required to visit the site to determine the requirements in terms of labour and materials in order to deliver services in line with the specification and also produce a site specific methodology for the works. The start date of April 2019 is proposed only, and will be negotiated with the successful contractor.

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