Recruitment Services Nursing and Midwifery Council Tender Closes 5th March

The NMC is looking to procure temporary, permanent and contract recruitment services.

We are interested to understand, based upon our recruitment disciplines and level of spend, what you (the market) recommend as the contracting model/solution which will give us the best outcomes. We are keen to understand why you make this recommendation and what benefits you believe we could realise. Furthermore, if relevant, recommendations on procurement route are welcomed, but they must be mindful of our obligations under the public procurement regulations.

Our total annual spend with recruitment agencies varies from year to year but typically is in excess of: ?2m pa.

We are looking to enter in to a contract for two years with the potential to extend for a further two years.

The main recruitment disciplines at the NMC are:

o Executive search
o External Affairs
o Communications
o Legal – including Investigations
o IT
o HR
o Administration
o Education
o Policy – including GDPR
o Standards
o Governance
o Finance
o Procurement 
o Quality Assurance

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