Reducing the Congestion Impact of Collisions EXETER CITY FUTURES COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY Tender Closes 3rd July

The Challenge: The Alliance Operations Department are seeking to explore solutions that will enable officers to reduce evidential capture time by 50% during a collision investigation. 

In Devon & Cornwall there were 870 people killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions during 2017. In Dorset this figure was 356. In addition to the significant impact on individuals connected to and affected by a serious injury collision, there are additional outcomes of prolonged road closures which affect residents, visitors and businesses in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. When a collision occurs on the Strategic Road Network, this causes additional considerable strain on the surrounding infrastructure, and significant issues around increased pollution and congestion in our major conurbations. Financial impacts are an estimated economic loss of £1m every hour a motorway is closed, and an estimated cost of £2.6m to the public sector for every fatal collision.

The impact of the solution must be measurable and workable from an operational policing perspective and should be applicable in other locations within England & Wales. 

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