Renewal of Roof Coverings & Associated Works to 4 Blocks Canterbury City Council Tender Closes 14th October

East Kent Housing Limited (EKH) is an ‘arms-length management organisation’ (ALMO) that was setup, and is owned by, Dover District Council, Canterbury City Council, Shepway District Council and Thanet District Council to manage their respective council social housing services. The organisation is run by an independent management board, which includes tenants, independent members and councillors, but remains accountable through a 30 year contract with the four councils.

Canterbury City Council (“the Council”) on behalf of East Kent Housing wishes to select and appoint a suitable supplier for the undertaking of Renewal of Roof Coverings & Associated Works to 4 Blocks and invites prospective suppliers to submit a Tender to meet the Council’s requirements.
The specific requirements for the above are detailed in APPENDIX A – SPECIFICATION. It should be noted that by submitting a Tender, you confirm that you understand and can meet these requirements.

It is advised that the Contractor visits the premises concerned before submitting their quotation, as no claim will be recognized on the ground of want of knowledge of the property or as to the nature of the works required to be executed or of general site conditions. Any site visit will be unaccompanied by East Kent Housing.

The Contract is anticipated to commence upon Dec 2019 / Jan 2020 and will continue for a period of 4 months (with any extensions) unless terminated in accordance with the Conditions of the Contract.

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