Replacement of Communal Boilers – Charville Lane London Borough of Hillingdon Tender Closes 1st May

The London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH) intends to replace the boilers and control system at:
Charville Lane is a Refugee Accommodation 

a) The heating plant room is located on the ground floor to the side of the building. Access to the plant room is via a external double set of louvered doors.
b) The buildings heating is served from 2 No. Ideal Concord boilers 
c) The hot water to the building is served from 1 x Gas fired water heater sited within the boiler room.
d) Four heating Zones system
The works shall include all of the works described within the specification documents (Part 1 & 2). This specification shall be read in conjunction with the Employers Requirements, schedules, supplementary documents and any drawing issued which defines the requirements of the proposed works to enable the Contractor to:
a) Prepare and submit a proposal for the Works.
b) Undertake construction and completion of the works.

The Works include, but are not limited to the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and hand-over of a complete boiler system and the provision of certification, O&M Manuals and training to the Council’s Representatives in charge of the schemes.

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