Request for Information-Cyber Capability and Culture Consultancy Parliament UK Tender Closes 14th October

The UK Parliament is seeking a supplier to deliver consultancy services offering which encompasses the following subject area:
o Behavioural and cultural change to maintain Parliaments Cyber Capability
o Target operating model review and validation for delivery of Cyber Capability
o Workforce management strategy for maintenance, development and retention of Cyber Capable personnel

The purpose of this questionnaire is to engage with potential suppliers ahead of a procurement exercise. We will use the insights we gain here to shape our requirements for that procurement.

We expect to deliver this Cyber Capability Change programme over the next 24 months, tailoring a phased approach to deliver maximum benefit to our stakeholders.

The soft market testing exercise will assist Parliamentary Digital Service understand the market and help shape the procurement process and assist with the definition of functional and non-functional requirements.

The aim of this exercise is to provide a greater awareness of consultancy solutions that currently exist in the market place and to enable Parliament to see if their ambitions to deliver broader Cyber Capability & Cultural Change can be supported by an external provider.

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