Request for Information for Asset Management Solution UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Closes 27th January 2020

The project’s main aim is to deliver a solution that will assist owners of scientific platforms (assets) with creating digital records of their assets, managing assets maintenance activities and indicating asset availability to stakeholders within the organisation.

UCL is building a new facility which will house Queen Square Institute of Neurology (QSIoN) wet laboratories, the UK Dementia Research Institute (DRI) Headquarters, the UK DRI UCL Centre, and a National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) outpatient and MRI units. A new operating model will be introduced across the building which will require enhanced IT systems to support the model.
One of the key concepts of the new operating model is the concept of shared space and resources. To enable this vision, shared scientific platforms (assets) to be bookable by researchers and charged to their respective grants.

An Asset Management system is required to ensure that all equipment assets are identified and managed effectively throughout their lifecycle. The Asset Management system will be integrated with a booking solution creating a simple, secure and unobtrusive auditable equipment utilisation system.
The existing booking and charging system we are trialling is Stratocore. The ability to integrate with Stratocore and similar booking systems is essential.

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