Request for Information for Research Registration and Ethical Approval System UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Closes 18th August

UCL considers high standards of research integrity across all of its activities to be of the utmost importance. Two key areas are ensuring that research is conducted ethically and that research complies with relevant data protection legislation. These areas are supported by two existing governance processes: data protection registration and ethical review.

The UCL is looking to purchase a system that will support both processes by creating a single record for applicants linked to their application, and enable the seamless and simultaneous review through both processes on submission.

The system will need to support multiple reviews for each application, filtering the application to appropriate reviews based on information submitted. The system should also link with other supporting systems to create a single institutional record of research and approvals.
Users (both staff and students) will need to access the system using a single-sign-on.

The requirement:

Below are some of the high-level requirement that a system will need to fulfil:
• Generate Ethics Review unique reference number
• Generate Data Protection unique reference number
• Enable different levels of permission
• Enable email notifications
• Ability to assign tasks, review and sign-off the application within the system
• Distinguish between type of risk (form based) and allocate to the appropriate review level
• Include individual dashboards for users and timeline trackers for applications
• Include a variety of report functions
• Future Integration with relevant UCL systems, such as Worktribe, HR as an example

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