Research into workforce capacity & capability linked to embedding maths & English in vocational/ tec The Education and Training Foundation Tender Closes 12th September

The ETF are seeking a tenderer to explore workforce needs and capability around the embedding and the teaching of embedded maths and English skills in the post-16 Further Education (FE) sector.

This research project aims to establish:

-The number of vocational/technical teachers currently required to embed maths and English in vocational/technical programmes at Entry Levels, Levels 1 and 2 – including to what extent these are different teachers from those who will teach T Levels.

-How maths and English is currently embedded in vocational/technical programmes at Levels 1 and 2. Has this changed, and is specific support required?

-To what extent are vocational/ technical teachers responsible for teaching Functional Skills and to what extent do they work in partnership with subject teachers?

-What training needs are there, specifically for vocational/technical teachers teaching programmes at Entry Levels, Levels 1 and 2? (including how much, what kind of support is needed, and in what format?)

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