RMBC – KC – Grave Digging and Cemetery Services – SE Shared Services – Closes 26th October

RBC are inviting tenders for the provision of grave digging and cemetery services in four cemeteries within Runnymede.

This will include (but not be limited to):
Safely excavating, shoring (if applicable) and dressing of new and used graves as well as being in attendance during the burial and backfill process after ceremony.

This will apply to full sized earthen graves, brick built vaults, burial chambers and for the burial of cremated remains.

Provide an exhumation service out of normal working hours.

Safely excavate and build brick built vaults according to specifications.

Provide occasional services at weekends and out of normal working hours.

Provide occasional grounds maintenance works within the cemeteries.

Supply all equipment needed for grave digging service

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