Robotic Process Automation Oxford City Council Tender Closes 27th December

Service Scope – Base Requirements

1. Must work in a Windows 10 environment.
2. Implementation of a RPA platform with an easy-to-use process definition and mapping function to record/configure the process automation in a non-invasive manner (mimicking end users).
3. Support multiple automation run options (unattended, attended, scheduled etc.) ensuring data security and audit compliance.
4. Maintenance of RPA configuration (including RPA process, user administration) and scheduler of the RPA.
5. Orchestration of the RPA and automated processes including monitoring and load balancing.
6. Reporting and analytics.
7. Governance and training and skills transfer to Council staff on RPA development, maintenance and operations.
8. Work with the Council to identify processes that could produce savings through the use of RPA and deliver a programme to implement them.

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