Roof Repairs Bath and Northeast Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire STP Tender Closes 17th October

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust are looking to tender one-off roofing repairs for several buildings on its site. This is part of the capital programme at the Trust, so is for one-off works.

The Authority has been allocated a capital budget, to a value of £80,000 (inclusive of VAT), for the provision of these works at this time. It is therefore the expectation that, once awarded, the Contract Manager will discuss the priorities and programme of works. All prioritised works will be called off, when required, to this maximum capital budget allocation. As additional monies become available to the Authority, the Authority reserves the right to call off other lines detailed within the fixed price submission.

There will be site visits for bidding organisations to further understand the scope of requirements and access but, please note that, as it is the manufacturer of the roofing material who will be issuing the warranty for the work, bidding organisations must be a Bauder Approved Contractor.

The Authority therefore reserves the right to reject proposals from those that cannot confirm Bauder approved contractor status.

It is the expectation that this contract will be let on a 2 year contract basis.

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