Scaffolding, Towers and Associated Services to Housing and Corporate Properties London Borough of Hillingdon Tender Closes 15th July

The London Borough of Hillingdon manages a housing stock of approximately 13,000 properties the majority of which are located on a number of estates within the geographical area of the Borough. These properties include a mixture of houses, bungalows, blocks of flats, tower blocks and sheltered housing schemes of various types, construction and ages. The Council has a legal responsibility to maintain these properties including their roofs in good order and will undertake repairs as and when they are required.

With the housing stock being as large and as old as it is, all different sizes of Scaffolding are required to facilitate working at Height for multiple repairs / disciplines. The works will mainly be to the external fabric of these buildings but can also be for the internal repairs as well. Our DLO staff undertakes these works and the types of repairs carried out are as follows:

– Roofing repairs
– Fascias and soffits repairs / replacements
– Guttering and downpipes repairs / replacements
– Chimney repairs / removals
– Skylight and window repairs / replacements
– Brickwork repairs – overhauls
– External supports to the fabric of building and safety scaffolding and snow guards to roofs will also be required.

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