Scaling Up Family Planning in Tanzania – Contract Notice DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Closes 7th December

DFID is increasing support to family planning in Tanzania through the Scaling Up Family Planning in Tanzania programme over 5 years from 2019. By 2023, this programme will reach 240,000 additional users, provide 10 million couple years of protection and avert 6200 maternal deaths, successfully scaling up family planning services, Comprehensive Post-abortion Care (CPAC) and management of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Tanzania. The programme will ensure inclusiveness and equity by reaching refugees, people with disabilities, young people and both rural and urban population. It will ensure that women are free to choose the number of children they want to have and when to have them. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets 3.7 and 5.6. The programme will take specific care to reach women below 19 years, refugees and people with disabilities. There will also be men and boys engagement at the community and health facility level.

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