Scoping of framework to monitor and evaluate the effects of the Department for International Trade’s Investment Promotion Activities and services DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE Closes 9th November

The Department for International Trade (DIT) aims to improve and refresh its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for the range of Investment Promotion programmes, activities, policy advocacy and services that it supports investors with. Through this, DIT aims to make decisions on which type of investments to support and following on from this, how much resource to direct towards these investment projects on the basis of the value it will create in the UK economy. Thus, DIT would like to identify “doing the right thing”, in addition to “doing the thing right” in the investment space.

As a prerequisite for this, DIT requires a scoping study to assess potential frameworks for evaluation of DIT’s current operating model and strategies.

DIT intends to publish a competition for a Supplier to deliver the scoping study to monitor and evaluate the effects of the DIT’s Investment Promotion Activities and services on Friday 9th November 2018. The Invitation to Tender will be published on DIT’s e-procurement portal, ProContract.

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