Showcasing the Mexican Energy sector in the UK FOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH OFFICE Tender Closes 2nd January

The British Embassy in Mexico City (“the Authority”) wishes to secure the services of a supplier to plan, manage, coordinate, as well as provide the required goods and services necessary for the successful delivery of two events in the UK: a Mexico Renewables Showcase, and a Mexico Oil and Gas Showcase. The main objectives of each of the events are to:

i. Provide a space to showcase, present, and raise awareness of the market and partnership opportunities in the Mexican Energy Sector to relevant UK and global audiences;

ii. Create business networking opportunities for attending Mexican companies with their UK private and government counterparts;

iii. Support the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) promotion of knowledge and expertise exchange, which could eventually lead to achieve export wins for the Mexico Oil and Gas and Renewables High Value Campaigns; and to

iv. Promote the UK’s prosperity by improving the UK-Mexico trading environment, and reinforcing open, fair and competitive conditions in the Mexican market for British and local companies.

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