Skatepark – Dracaena Playing Fields, Falmouth -Falmouth Town Council Tender Closes 18th March

1.5. The Town Council has secured appropriate land for the development of the park and additional car parking (See Appendix 2 Site Plan / location map). The available land for the Skatepark and additional car parking is approximately 2500m2. The site intended for the Skatepark is an area of former landfill which is currently used as a sports pitch. The encapsulated landfill limits the ability to excavate, so the design and construction methods need to account for this. The site has excellent accessibility.

1.9. The Town Council currently has established a budget and allocated funds of £212k but considers a total budget of £825k with £500k specifically for skatepark delivery this would be necessary to fund the further work. The remaining project will consist of Car Parking, road and disabled access improvements and enhancement to the natural environment – this will form part of the fund application(s) but likely to be delivered by other. This would include money to cover securing supporting funding, detailed design work and securing formal detailed Planning Permission as well as the required construction work to build the Skatepark. It is noted that outline Planning Permission has been granted – PA18/08393 | Proposed replacement skate park (outline with all matters reserved) | The Playing Field Dracaena Avenue Falmouth Cornwall TR11 2ES

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