Skid Resistance Measurement Surveys 2020-2025 Highways England Tender Closes 8th November

We require specialist technical support to provide regional routine annual skid resistance surveys. Sideways-force coefficient routine investigation machine surveys are Highways England’s method of assessing and monitoring skid resistance in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) standard HD28/CS228.

The strategic road network is surveyed annually to assess skid resistance. The results identify any sites with abnormally low skid resistance which are subsequently investigated and prioritised for remedial work, if required.

There are five lots split into four regions and one lot of Benchmark sites. The regional lots are outlined below:
Lot 1 – South West, Area 3 and the Second Severn Crossing
Lot 2 – Area 4, Area 6, Area 8 and the M25 DBFO
Lot 3 – Area 7, Area 9 and the A1DD
Lot 4 – Area 10, Area 12, Area 13 and Area 14.
Lot 5 – Outlined in the Scope document.

The boundaries for all lots are as defined in the procurement documents.

The Contract will be for a period of three years with an option to extend for up to a further two years (5 years total).

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