SLA – Youth Provision – Outdoor Play Sessions Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council Tender Closes 4th February

Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council is seeking to appoint an Organisation to provide outside detached youth work across three locations in Bishop’s Cleeve on three evenings per week being Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 34 weeks per year during term time and holiday play day events during October and February half terms. Also required is the provision of two play days per week during the school summer holiday (two weeks in July and four weeks in August) to be held in two locations within Bishop’s Cleeve.

The contract is laid out in the following way:

Work required:

• Evening delivery 4pm-6pm at Pecked Lane Play Area on Tuesday evenings: 34 sessions during term time:

• Evening delivery 4pm-6pm at Sunrise Avenue Play Area on Wednesday evenings: 34 sessions during term time;

• Evening delivery 4pm-6pm on Cleevelands development on Thursday evenings; 34 sessions during term time;

• Play Day sessions to be held once per week during October and February half terms at an agreed location;

• Two Play Day sessions to be held during the summer school holidays, one at Cheltenham Road Sports Field and the other at an agreed location;

• Be responsible for the management and delivery of this project;

• Keep records of all play sessions including attendance, range of activities and outcomes and provide monthly reports to the Council with this information;

• Carry out / attend promotional events to advertise the project in addition to the scheduled sessions and report back to the Council on these events.

The Council is undertaking an open Procurement Process that requires interested contractors to address their tenders to the Parish Clerk by post in envelopes clearly marked Private and Confidential “(Youth Provision) Tender Documents enclosed”.

The last date for receipt of tenders by post is 3pm on the 4th February 2019.

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