South Cambridgeshire District Council – Greater Cambridge Retail and Leisure Study South Cambridgeshire District Council Tender Closes 23rd July

South Cambridgeshire District Council is seeking consultants to produce a retail and leisure study for Greater Cambridge to provide a sound evidence base for the Joint Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Local Plan, and the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan.

The project specification includes a number of related work strands:

• Strand 1 – Review current retail and leisure provision in Greater Cambridge
• Strand 2 – Inform Plan preparation of the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan
• Strand 3 – Inform Plan preparation of the Greater Cambridge Local Plan
• Strand 4 – Provision of Expert advice to Plan Making and Development Plan Examinations 

The Councils are seeking to work with a contractor who can demonstrate a high level of knowledge and practical experience of retail and commercial leisure needs assessments related to development plan making, and has a good understanding of changing shopping and leisure patterns.

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