South Cambridgeshire District Council – Print Framework Contract Closes 15th August

SCDC is looking for suitably qualified and experienced printers to provide a variety of print media to SCDC, such as flyers, brochures, printed books, postcards, booklets, leaflets, banners, posters and magazines. There could be the occasional requirement for wristbands, T-shirts, badges and other printed matter.

SCDC is letting the SCDC Print Framework Contract (PFC) that will comprise of a number of printers appointed via a below EU Threshold contract compliant with the Public Contract Regulation 2015 (PCR2015).

Please note this contract will be with a number of contractors that apply and are accepted to the Framework contract providing they meet the standards set out in this ITT. The contract values will vary and SCDC cannot guarantee values or volumes.

Whilst this is a contract to set-up a framework with SCDC, Fenland District Council shall be entitled to use the contract at their discretion. The total contract value will reflect this and shall be below the EU Threshold.

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