South Central Demolition Framework MI CONCEPTS LIMITED Closes 21st December

This contract opportunity is for a multidisciplinary framework agreement, which covers demolition including asbestos removal, and asbestos investigation/reporting throughout the contract duration. It focuses primarily on the South and South Central Region of the UK, which encompasses Gloucestershire and the Midlands.

The intention is to appoint a selection of contractors in order to cover these requirements.

The contract is split into two lots.

Lot 1 is ‘Demolition’ and includes:

Licensable ACM Removal
Non-Licensable ACM Removal
Asbestos Disposal
Soft Strip
Hard Strip
Foundations Removal
Hard Standing Break Up and Removal
Crushing Waste
Waste Storage
Waste Disposal
Reclaim Materials
Site Re-Cover
Additional Related Tasks

Lot 2 is ‘Asbestos Investigation’, and includes the requirement to conduct refurbishment and demolition surveys, asbestos analysis and testing, management surveys, and other related activities to facilitate demolition and maintenance of sites where asbestos is present.

This framework is also eligible for contracting authorities throughout the UK. However, it is not mandatory for Suppliers to cover this entire region. Terms and conditions will apply but it is not obligatory to bid for and accept jobs outside of an area of operations. Contractors will be able to elect whether to participate in calls for further competition. There is also a mechanism for direct award, with terms outlined in the full tender documents.

There is a focus on the South Central region in order to promote the best quality and VFM in this area; and to attract and utilise SME suppliers, where these may achieve the best quality and VFM for specific projects on a per job basis.

The full list of eligible contracting authorities will be published with the ITT. It includes central government departments and their arm’s length bodies and agencies, nondepartmental public bodies, NHS bodies, local authorities, registered providers, health, police, fire and charities and devolved administrations.

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