South Treviddo Ablution Blocks CORNWALL COUNCIL Tender Closes 18th March

The supply and installation of 7no. double ablution blocks and 1no. single block, see attached drawings. The focus of these buildings is robustness and resistance to vandalism. The client has specified that the buildings must be capable of being hosed out by way of a floor laid to fall so that water can drain out through a gap below the door. There must be no visible electrical fittings / switching i.e. PIR activated lights etc. The client’s preference is for durable but easily replaceable sanitary ware rather than more expensive specialist products. Although the aesthetic of a slate roof is required by planning we envisage a moulded GRP or similar solution to reduce the risk of theft/vandalism. Similarly the planning officer requires a wall finish that resembles vertical timber cladding. The door is to be a standard joinery framed ledged and braced door and frame. Importantly, although the drawings show a traditional construction, we are specifically looking for these buildings to be constructed off site in a modular style delivered to site and erected on a slab pre prepared by the main contractor. A warranty will be required on the product.

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