Specialist Domestic Abuse Support Services North Somerset Council Tender Closes 9th October

North Somerset Council is seeking single supplier contract (we will accept collaborative bids) to start on 1st April 2020 and for the contract to be in place for a period of 4 years with an option to extend, subject to satisfactory performance, for a further period of 2 years. The annual budget for the contract is £300k per year.

Some elements of this specification are an essential part of this Services and so must be delivered, and some are desirable.
Essential Components of The Service:
i. Single point of contact and helpline;
ii. IDVAs
iii. Floating Support
iv. The Accommodation Service – Emergency Accommodation
v. Children’s Support
vi. Managing the Capacity of All Services

Desirable Components of the Service:
vii. community-based Informal interventions
viii. health-based support
ix Support for individuals or couples where there is no clear perpetrator
x. Support for multi-agency referral processes

The elements which are listed as desirable components will, ideally, all be provided as part of the Services. However, it is recognised that the current budget may not be sufficient to fund the delivery of all of these components. If the Provider identifies that a Services element cannot be provided within the budget then the Provider must develop proposals and seek external funding opportunities in order to deliver them, working with commissioners and other stakeholders. Further detail can be found in the specification.

The current units of accommodation will not be transferring as part of this contract. New providers will have to as part of their implementation and mobilisation plan detailed in the method statement questions, state how they will deliver the accommodation units described in the contract from the start date of the contract.

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