Specialist Professional, Environmental, Customer Insight, Technical, Research and Engineering Services (SPECTRE) Framework Highways England Tender Closes 28th October

Provision of specialist, professional, technical consultancy, engineering advice, research, innovation and procurement advice services across a range of transport related topics.

The framework will be divided into 2 lots and will be for a duration of 4 years.

Lot 1:
Value £250m
The provision of technical consultancy, engineering advice, research and innovation for roads, vehicles, highway infrastructure and operations on the following topics:

(a) asset operation, maintenance, assurance and performance;
(b) business support;
(c) communications and data transfer;
(d) customer insight research, market research and publicity;
(e) design standards manuals and departures;
(f) economics, statistics and transport modelling;
(g) enforcement policy;
(h) environmental;
(i) geotechnical engineering;
(j) health and safety, security, road safety and vehicle restraint;
(k) highway structures;
(l) identity and image;
(m) incident management and traffic officer service;
(n) intelligent transport;
(o) management information systems;
(p) network resilience;
(q) pavement engineering;
(r) pilots and trials;
(s) post implementation evaluation;
(t) quality management;
(u) risk and value management;
(v) road user behaviour;
(w) strategic transport planning and policy;
(x) sustainability;
(y) traffic signals and road lighting;
(z) transport engineering.

For Lot 1 there will be a maximum of 7 suppliers appointed. It is expected that the successful suppliers will utilise a diverse supply chain to provide specialist support in the required areas.

Lot 2:
Value £50m.
The provision of procurement advice and support for contract development, supply chain analysis and general procurement activities, including commercial assessment support.

For Lot 2 there will be a maximum of 6 suppliers appointed. It is expected that the successful suppliers will utilise a focused supply chain to reduce opportunities for conflicts of interest in the supported procurement activities.

Work under the framework may be awarded following mini-competition, following a single response to a request for expressions of interest or through a direct award to a single supplier.

The main site of performance of the activities is England. However, successful suppliers may be requested to work outside of England in support of the organisations enabled to use this framework, as noted in the additional information.

Further details of the requirements of the topic areas and the processes to award work are included in the tender documents.

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