Stanway Parish Council – Supply of LED streetlamps tender closes 30th September

The Parish Council is responsible for an ageing stock of 117 streetlights and wishes to upgrade them all to LED lighting (where required). In a number of cases, the structure of and/or fittings on the lamp posts may require upgrading as well to accommodate the new bulbs. Such costs should be incorporated in the quotation. Please note that the provision of LED Retro-fit conversions will not be acceptable.

Application via email or post should be addressed to the Parish Clerk as described elsewhere

The Council is open to recommendations on the type or strength of lighting for specific areas, accepting that not all urban streets may have the same requirements. A balance is required between providing comfort and security to all users of the street and being conscious of the intrusion of lighting to residential properties during the night.

Depending on the overall cost, the Parish Council may choose to meet this expenditure from its current reserves or to extend the cost over an extended period, perhaps via a financial arrangement with the Public Works Loan Board at preferential rates. However, the Council is open to other financing arrangements, provided that they comply with local council legislation.

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