Strategic Technology Partner FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPENSATION SCHEME LIMITED Tender Closes 26th September

FSCS’ 2 major IT contracts, application development/test and IT Hosting services, are coming to an end. The organisation is embarking on a new strategy for the 2020’s and an ambitious programme to transform the way in which we serve our customers. Although these contracts adequately support the delivery of current operational services, the organisation needs a new strategic technology partner to meet its changing needs for the 2020’s.

As a result, FSCS is looking at evolving the way to source and deliver its IT services. Our aim is to secure a strategic technology partner.

FSCS currently performs a range of functions in-house, as well as those currently outsourced. FSCS’ aim, over the life of the contract, is to develop the right mix of services to be performed either in-house or to be outsourced to a partner. In determining the most appropriate approach, it will be necessary to accommodate:

– FSCS’ ambition to exploit the benefits of a cloud-based environment,

– the potential replacement of our FSCS main claims technology platforms as part of our ongoing service transformation,

– FSCS’ desire to embrace, where appropriate, new innovative technologies.

Potential service providers should note that this procurement is not looking to simply re-let the existing contracts but is looking for a long term ‘Strategic Partner’ who can support FSCS to fulfil the CIO Strategy for the future.

The scope of the services is split into 3 areas: foundation services, transformation services and future services.

Foundation services:
FSCS requires several services to be in place, or to be available, from the start of the contract. This includes:

– strategic partnership,
– software development lifecycle,
– personnel – time and materials,
– hardware and software,
– microsoft azure and office 365 Support.

Transformation services:
In order to deliver FSCS’ strategic vision we recognise there are areas of our technology that require transformation. We expect the transformation to start when the contract starts, and the initial phases to be costed, but for each subsequent phase to be agreed and costed as we move through the transformation. This includes:
– selection, implementation and support of claims platform
– cloud assessment, migration and support.

Future services:

Future services are areas of technology provision that might be moved into this contract over time but would be agreed on a case by case basis. We have laid out the potential scope of these services, so suppliers have an upfront view of what additional services might be available over the life of the contract. This includes but not limited to:

– IT service functions,
– support for finance solutions,
– infrastructure services,
– service desk/ITSM tooling.

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