Subcontract Requirement for the delivery of Adult Education Budget in Non Devolved Areas Croydon College tender closes 10th February 2020

Croydon College has a recent history of engagement with subcontractors to deliver AEB and wishes to continue to issue a flexible contract or contracts of a total funding value up to £475,000, from 28 February 2020 to 31 July 2020, with suitable training providers to deliver qualifications and/or programmes eligible for funding under the College’s AEB funding contract on its behalf, under the following general rules:
• All the provision must be delivered in the 2019/20 funding year; there is currently no scope to carry forward any funding to 2020/21. All the learning aims and learners must be eligible for ESFA AEB funding in 2019/20.
• The delivery target group is solely adults who live in non-devolved funding areas of England. The College will not fund any learners who are aged under 19 and/or live in the GLA or other devolved funding areas.
• Providers wishing to apply for this opportunity must be registered on the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) and they must have a track record of successful sub-contract delivery of qualifications.
• The training must be delivered in full by the contracted training provider, i.e. only one level of sub-contracting is permitted and no second level subcontracting is permitted.
• The Subcontractor, if awarded the contract, will be responsible for the recruitment of all learners, the delivery of training, the premises and resources required to deliver the training, awarding body accreditation and associated fees.
• The Quality of provision will be paramount as the College will retain responsibility to the Education and Skills Funding Agency and OFSTED for programme quality.
• The management fee retained by the College will be 20%.

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