Supplier Event – Planned and Responsive Repairs (DPS) London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Tender Closes 31st July

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is looking to engage with local and small medium enterprises (SMEs) for the provision of Planned and Responsive construction related works to our schools and other Council buildings. This event is in partnership with Council’s local procurement initiative H&FB4B Supply Chain.

To find out more information on our proposal, you are invited to attend our Supplier Event on the 31st July 2019 at 10am.

The venue for this event is:
Conference Room
The Lilla Huset Professional Centre
191 Talgarth Road
London W6 8BJ

Please note that the venue holds a capacity of 40 people, therefore you limited to 1 representation per company and early registration is advisable.

The categories of works required will include:
– Roofs
– Drains and drainage systems
– Building fabrication and structures (internal and external)
– Heating and boiler systems
– Groundworks
– Electrical and lighting equipment
– Windows
– CCTV and intercom/security equipment
– Landscaping /Horticultural
– Other construction related works, which the Council is responsible for.

The Council proposes to engage contractors by way of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which is a list of pre-qualified contractors, from which further competitions will be undertaken to award contracts for either packages or urgent/responsive repair works.

Tendering in the Public Sector
H&FB4B Supply Chain will also be holding a workshop on the process you will need to go through to secure this work i.e. the questions you will be asked and the paperwork and certificates you will need to submit. The workshop will also help you with Public sector tendering generally.
If you wish to attend this event, please register here:

Supplier Event – Planned and Responsive Repairs – LBHF Schools and Other Council Buildings

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