Supply and Installation of Electro-Magnetic Filters for BHC, New Delhi Foreign & Commonwealth Office tender closes 24th September

It is the intent of these specifications to describe a highly efficient hybrid air purification system for dust and infection control with a very low-pressure drop that integrates with the building’s air delivery system. All Air Handling units can be installed with a hybrid, central air cleaner system, based on a magnetic trap and kill technology that filters dust and kills microbial. The Central Air Cleaner shall be capable of removing particulates as small as 0.01 microns including particulate matter (PMx), PM 2.5, allergens, pollen, bacteria, pathogens and various VOC or chemical compounds from the air. It must be a monobloc-structured unit specifically designed for integration in Return Air paths of air delivery systems, to centrally capture dust and kill germs and provide a single IAQ solution.

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