Supply of Fulfilment Service for Membership Scheme National Army Museum Tender Closes 3rd July

To compliment the Museum offer, and support NAM’s objectives the Museum is looking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced company to provide a suite of printed membership materials and manage the on-going fulfilment of these materials.

There are 2 elements to the membership scheme:

The new membership scheme which is due to launch in August 2019. This scheme will also incorporate an external friends organisation (SOFNAM) into the NAM membership scheme. The incorporation of these members into the NAM membership scheme is essential to the on-going financial success of the membership scheme and as such the membership scheme, benefits along with its look and feel will evolve over the 2 years of this contract.

In addition to the membership scheme the Museum will be refreshing it’s offer to it’s existing patrons whilst also wishing to attract new patrons. This is a small and important group and as such much of the correspondence with the Patrons will be directly via the team at NAM. Both schemes are key to the Museums offer and the materials must be a reflection of the Museum’s brand and values. As such the company appointed must be able to translate the brand whilst ensuring the product is both attractive and viable.

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