Supply of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Items and Support LEIDOS SUPPLY, LIMITED

In April 2015, the MOD signed a contract with Leidos Europe Ltd to provide the procurement and inventory management of commodity items (as well as the storage and distribution services) historically provided in-house by the Logistic Commodities and Services Operating Centre. Leidos, working with the MOD, will transform the way these services are delivered to ensure requirements continue to be met whilst providing best value for money for the department. The organisation delivering these services is known as Team Leidos.

Future Arrangements
Team Leidos would like to make interested suppliers aware that it intends to invite tenders for its Physiotherapy and rehabilitation items and support requirement later this year, with a view to award contracts that will commence in late 2019.
The Physio requirement is to cover the future need in terms of consumable items, capital equipment and support.
There are an estimated 400 different consumables.
Team Leidos require these to be shipped to medical centres throughout the UK and to our main operational distribution hub in Donnington, Telford.

Further Information
Team Leidos wishes to stimulate interest, information and views across the market for the supply of this requirement together with other companies whom Leidos believes may be able to provide useful intelligence on our requirement.
For further information and to request a Microsoft Word version of the RFI questionnaire please contact the named person in this bulletin.
We will be looking to hold a supplier day, on Wednesday 27th March 2019 in Bristol to gauge what products are on the market and refine our requirement. If you are interested in attending please contact Joseph Hurley for further information, Team Leidos Category Manager on by 8 March 2019. Further details and exact timings to be confirmed.

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