Supporting Young Carers from Hidden and Seldom Heard Groups Department of Health and Social Care Tender Closes 9th October

The requirement from the contractor is to carry out work to support the identification of young carers from hidden and seldom heard of young carers. We would like the contractor to have some freedom to use their expertise in designing the project, but we propose the project might involve the following type of activity:

Research and stakeholder engagement phase

o Gathering evidence and insight on issues as they relate to young carers from hidden and seldom heard groups. This will have the benefit of helping us to understand the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to carers from such groups, and how their experience differs to other carers. Output: a report will be presented to DHSC at the end of this phase outlining the findings from the research and engagement phase.
Best Practice

o Build on existing practice and additional insight in areas where there is strong partnership working between young carer and community services. This will consider the barriers to partnership working and the support required for this to be successful. Output: a report produced for DHSC to set out existing good practice and demonstrate how workable it might be to embed the good practice into existing young carers services and identification schemes.

o It is essential that the delivery partner for this work can offer:
Dissemination of learning

o This might include the development of a toolkit to outline best practice models for working with young carers from hidden and seldom heard groups and/or a series of conferences to appropriate professionals to help them to increase the identification locally.
Evaluation of learning

o Provide DHSC with an evaluation report 6 months from completion of the project providing feedback on the impact and difference the dissemination of the learning has made.

o It is essential that the delivery partner for this work can offer:

o Expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of the existing evidence base relating to carers with expertise around young carers and hidden and seldom heard groups:
 Contacts and credibility with those in health settings, local authorities, voluntary sector organisations, businesses and young carers.
 Skills in assessing evidence and drawing out recommendations.
 Project management and delivery capability including experience in monitoring and evaluating the impact of activities
 Analytical and drafting skills to assess the evidence and bring together a finalised training/ delivery package.
 Ability to disseminate and promote the findings of the project through appropriate networks.

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