Sustainability Appraisal for Partnership Management Plan 2019 South Downs National Park Authority Tender Closes 23rd April

The South Downs National Park Authority is currently undertaking the first review of its National Park Management Plan. In furtherance of this work and to comply with European Directive 2001/42/EC on Strategic Environmental Assessment, an original assessment was drawn up for the development of the first Management Plan (MP) which must now be updated to reflect the changes the SDNPA are proposing.

A sustainability appraisal (SA) is based on a framework of objectives, which reflects the local priorities for sustainable development. The SA provides a measure by which the plan and policy proposals, content and processes are appraised to ensure that they contribute to the aims of sustainable development. If negative effects are identified, the policy or plan can be amended, or mitigating action can be taken as appropriate.

The SDNPA is inviting tenders to support the authority in the conduct of its Sustainability Appraisal Process. We are seeking a detailed proposal and cost for undertaking the SA for the review of the SDNP Management Plan MP and an outline cost for the SA for the review of the MP.

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