Tackling Food Poverty Project LONDON & QUADRANT HOUSING TRUST LIMITED Tender Closes 31st January

Evaluation and previous learning from the L&Q Foundation funded projects shows that food poverty and hunger are broad and complex issues impacting on the communities that we serve and that there are numerous routes to tackling it.

The L&Q Foundation is looking to tackle food poverty as part of social responsibility in partnership with organisations that have local engagement and delivery models that challenge poverty and create opportunities for individuals and organisations.

Currently there is a lack of resourcing to build capacity around governance and organisation for local structures that are supporting communities, we are looking for a project partner that will help build resilience that is beyond short term solutions and food for individuals, we are looking for partners that will enable, through partnership, a project that will create independence and build empowerment.

As part of our market testing we would like to speak with interested providers. These discussions will not constitute any form of commitment on behalf of L&Q or the provider(s) who take part.

Deadline for expressions of interest is 31st January 2019.

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