Technical Advisory Framework DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION Tender Closes 10th December

STA is looking to procure a pool of independent technical experts to provide expertise and considered advice to STA, to ensure rigorous scrutiny of the technical aspects of the Test development division’s processes and procedures.

STA require individuals with strong knowledge, expertise and working experience within the field of psychometric practices within the field of education.

The experts will be required to provide technical feedback on a number of operational queries and research proposals throughout the test development cycle. Areas will include, but not limited to, expertise in item response theory in an operational context, large-scale assessment with an emphasis on the analysis of matrix sampling methodology, performance assessment and conducting validity studies in an operational context.

The successful experts must:

• have strong knowledge, experience and expertise
• be flexible and available to review materials remotely in a secure location
• attend in person or via video conferencing the Annual General Meeting
• have the capacity to meet the requirements set out in this ITT

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