Technical analysis and comparison of approaches to bias identification and mitigation in decision making algorithms Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport tender closes 25th October

With particular reference to approaches within financial services and recruitment, The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) is commissioning a piece of research analysing, assessing and comparing the various approaches to bias mitigation as well as providing detailed technical standards which could be used to identify bias and means for mitigating bias.

We will use the outputs produced through this work to develop our recommendations for Government themed around the areas of tools, data and governance which will be published in March 2020. We will provide an initial list of tools and approaches to guide the assessment and standards development, however further work will be needed to ensure this has sufficient coverage to capture all the key approaches available. The focus of our work in this space is financial services and recruitment. Therefore, we would expect this work to provide good coverage and analysis of tools that are explicitly aimed at these two sectors.

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