Tendering in a Post-Brexit World

It will be interesting to see if, post-Brexit, there will be more enthusiasm for bidding to LAs as the potential competition reduces to a UK focus, rather than a pan-European one. At present, the (EU) Public Contracts Regulations 2015 effectively contradict the Localism Act 2011.

If you are not tendering then it may be because you think it is all a fix and so ’why waste energy on completing tenders and yet not winning any business?’. This is understandable unless you know otherwise. There are some urban myths about tendering and that one about ‘it’s all a fix, they’ve decided who they want beforehand’ is one of them. Another one is that ‘the lowest price always wins’. The public sector is obliged to obtain the best Value for Money (VfM), hence it will choose the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT). That certainly does not mean the cheapest, which could be high risk. In your bids, you need to demonstrate very clearly how you deliver VfM.

In the new world, councils will no longer be prevented from awarding contracts to local suppliers. Using social media, local businesses will be able to put pressure on LAs to ensure they play fair with the tender process. If they don’t then people will share stories and awareness of ‘dodgy dealings’ at the council could force local councillors to step in and prevent such goings on if they want to win the seat for the next term.

Ultimately winning contracts through tendering can provide a nice steady revenue stream for local businesses, allowing them to employ more people locally which, in turn, increases spending in the area by the families of those employed on the contract. The ‘Regional Economic Multiplier Effect’ states that £1 spent locally will benefit 6 or more businesses and creating a very positive economic outcome for the town.

At Winning Tenders, we help businesses across the UK to make the most of tender opportunities by cutting our way through the jargon. We are equipped with a squad of ‘tender warriors’ who like nothing better than to write the perfect winning tender. Their word craft is second to none and they love the buzz that comes with success for both them and our customer when yet another contract is awarded.  We and our ‘tender warriors’ are just waiting for you to call 😉.

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One thought on “Tendering in a Post-Brexit World

  1. In my opinion public sector tenders are a waste of time. Its a tick box exercise for the public sector to say they do look to work with small busineses but in reality they couldnt give a toss, and I speak from personal experience

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