The operation, delivery and facilities management of five (5), or six (6) adventure playgrounds Islington Council tender closes 13th November

This contract opportunity will cover the following eleven (11) playgrounds, divided into 2 lots:

Lot 1:
– Crumbles Castle,
– Lumpy Hill,
– Martin Luther King,
– Timbuktu,
– Toffee Park.

Lot 2:
– Barnard,
– Cape,
– Cornwallis,
– King Henry’s Walk,
– Three Corners,
– Waterside.

Organisations will only be able to apply for one of the 2 lots, not both.

The requirements of this adventure play contract will be based on the 3 overarching priorities that are key to the Council’s strategic objectives in its work with residents: to make Islington the best place for all young people to grow up, ensure our residents can lead healthy and independent lives and support more people into work.

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