The provision and Fixing of Nabresina Limestone Service Pattern Memorials for Armed Forces Personnel Defence Commercial – HOCS4 Tender Closes 24th September

The Authority has a potential requirement, under a call off contract, for the provision of Nabresina Limestone Service Pattern Memorials, mainly urn plot markers, for deceased Armed Forces personnel. There may be circumstances where other materials and/or memorial dimensions may be required. The requirement also includes the arrangement of dispatch and fixing of all memorials (both within and outside UK) ordered by the Authority.

The approximate annual requirement is between 15 and 25 memorials per year although this could increase or decrease. The estimated total value excluding VAT is in between £1 and £46,000.

Full details of the requirement (including specifications for memorial sizes and shapes, carving of letters, service crests, regimental badges and religious emblems) can be found in the Statement of Requirement which is contained in the Invitation To Tender (ITT) Document which is available under the supporting documents on Defence Contracts Online (DCO) (see and can be accessed from the Response Manager page using – Access Code G8N85M7666.

The contract duration is 24 months with the option for the Authority, at its discretion, to extend the duration of the contract in monthly or annual increments up to a total of 48 months.

It is a mandatory requirement that contractors are members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or an equivalent association and are registered on a nationally recognised fixing register such as the register of qualified memorial fixers (RQMF) or the British register of accredited memorial masons (BRAMM).

No business what so ever is guaranteed under any resulting framework agreement or contract, indeed there is no guarantee that any framework or contract will be put in place in relation to this notice. No compensation etc. will be paid if a tender or resulting framework agreement is withdrawn for any reason. Bidders should take apart in this process only on the basis that they fully understand and accept this position.

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