The Provision of a Framework Agreement for Support at Home – Spot Provider – St Albans – Supply Hertfordshire – Closes 5th November

Hertfordshire County Council is looking to procure a Framework Agreement for Support at Home – Spot Providers in St Albans

Spot Support at Home services in St Albans will be delivered through this Framework Agreement and are split in to Lots by care groups/sub-groups. Support at Home Providers are responsible for ensuring the delivery of Support at Home services for people over the age of 18 with Health and Social Care needs. This will predominantly be older people and those with a physical disability, but could include people with a Learning Disability and Mental Health Problems. The Services will cover seven days a week.

Please Note, if TUPE applies to either a direct award or mini comp, any TUPE related information provided must be treated as protected data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and must be kept confidential. By clicking on the View Details button and accessing the documentation for this procurement, Tenderers agree:

a) To undertake to treat the information as confidential and commercially sensitive at all times and take all reasonable steps to prevent any inadvertent disclosure to any third party .
b) That under no circumstances will any of the information be disclosed by your organisation or your personnel to any third party without the Council’s prior consent in writing.
c) That the information supplied will be stored securely and destroyed or returned to the Council, after your Organisation’s bid has been submitted or you decide not to proceed with a tender submission.
d) That you will indemnify the Council for any losses, arising from your breach or breach by any of your personnel of these confidentiality requirements specified above and data protection requirements in relation to TUPE Staffing Information.
e) The requirements above apply whether the supplier uploads a tender response to this procurement or not.

This procurement is an Open (one stage process). Suppliers wishing to take part in this project are invited to ‘express interest’ which will give access to the full procurement documents in the e-tendering system.

To be considered as a Bidder you must complete and submit a Bid by the deadline of 12.00 Noon on 5th November 2018

Any questions relating to this procurement must be made via correspondence on the website, in accordance with the procurement documents and can be addressed to the main contact as shown in the details above.

Please allow sufficient time to make your return as late returns will not be permitted by the system.

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