The Provision of ISO 9001 certification and Maintenance Services Ministry Of Defence Tender Closes 28th January

A UKAS accredited certified body to provide initial ISO 9001 certification and required surveillance over a standard assessment cycle of three years. The contract will include pre-assessment gap analysis, certification, awareness training and evaluations of continuing compliance to the standard.

The successful contractor shall conduct the following activities associated with obtaining and maintaining ISO 9001 certification:

Gap Assessment. A transition gap assessment evaluating our transition plan and Business Management System (BMS) comparing it with the requirements of ISO 9001reporting areas of compliance and non-compliance.

Transition Plan. Determine a methodology for subsuming current units in DE&S holding ISO 9001 certification (taking into consideration differing locations and operating centres) and integrating in to the DE&S ISO 9001 certification.

Initial Certification. Issue initial ISO 9001 certification to DE&S upon successful achievement of the standard.
Training. Deliver awareness training to DE&S Senior Management awareness training, for up to 130 staff, about the ISO 9001 standard and their responsibilities in achieving and maintaining certification, highlighting the behaviours expected and taking ownership.

Surveillance. Supply auditors/assessors with experience of auditing within the Military Equipment provisioning and in-service support (including logistics) environment. Conduct Surveillance assessments at MoD Abbey Wood and other UK sites, as determined, to confirm compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.

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