The Provision of Offshore Renewables Decommissioning Technical Advice Tender Closes 17th January

The Offshore Renewables Decommissioning Team in BEIS is seeking to appoint specialist support to provide technical advice on industry proposals for decommissioning a range of offshore renewable energy infrastructure (OREI) including offshore wind farms, offshore transmission owners (OFTO) and wave/tidal stream developments in UK waters. This is a call-off contract, with advice requested on an ad hoc basis and volumes of work may vary according to demand. The appointment will be for a three-year period, subject to annual review and break clauses. BEIS has approval for funds this financial year of £13,000 and a total of £73,000 is available over the three years, with the remainder subject to budgetary approvals. BEIS are looking for: Specialist technical advice to inform its assessment of individual decommissioning programmes submitted to BEIS by OREI developers and OFTOs as per requirements under the Energy Act 2004. The type and extent of technical advice will be on a case by case basis depending on the nature, size and location of the project as well as proposed decommissioning methods. The specialist nature of the advice and the need to cover wind, wave and tidal developments and OFTOs means that BEIS welcomes bids from providers, including their sub-contractors, and consortia which have the required skills, knowledge and experience. Providers should be able to demonstrate that they have the required knowledge of all OREI technologies.

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