The Royal Society CRM Platform Replacement Tender Closes 21st November

The Society is looking to procure a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

The key objective of the CRM is to store all contact information for our Fellowship, donors, and contacts in one system and to organise this information to better record and understand the Society’s relationship with individuals on an ongoing basis.

With the increased volume of activities across the Society leading to more asks from stakeholders it has become increasingly difficult to record and manage the number of interactions with each stakeholder accurately and the Society does not currently have one view of all contacts with each stakeholder.

The proposed solution must consider efforts to future proof processes and systems for future changes and growth in the Society.

The new CRM platform will replace the existing Donor Strategy system and potentially our email marketing system.

In the first phase, the following processes, currently supported by these applications, will be moved to the new platform:
• Fellow management
• Committee management
• Summer Science Exhibition Soiree invitations
• Fundraising processes
• Newsletters and other mass email communications

In addition, the systems will be extended to support the following processes across the Royal Society:
• Stakeholder management
• Event management
• Volunteer management

As part of the project, the CRM platform will be integrated with the following existing Royal Society systems:
• The Society’s Sitecore-based website
• The Flexi-Grant grant management system
• The in-house telephone and fundraising preference database
• The selected email marketing platform
• An online preference centre
• Outlook

It is envisaged that the system will be extended to meet a wider range of requirements in future phases of work.

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